West Hartford CT Town Information


West Hartford Connecticut’s Center has long been a favorite destination for residents and visitors alike who want the convenience to explore shopping and dinning in close proximity.With the opening of Blue Back Square, the towns new multi use development that blends retail, residential and entertainment more and more people are calling it home.

Blue Back Square derives its name from West Hartford's most famous resident Noah Webster, author of the first American dictionary. Webster’s first book was nicknamed the "Blue-backed Speller" because of its blue cover

In addition to the on-going developments there, the town continues its aggressive commitment to improving its infrastructure. Two new, town-owned customer-friendly and well-lit parking garages have been built, a public plaza, underground utilities, improved roadways and lighting. Open space will be added with the building of a 3-acre park in West Hartford Center.

West Hartford CT borders and is as the name suggests adjacent to and west of Hartford, the State capital. Other neighboring towns are Bloomfield, Newington, Farmington, and Avon.


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West Hartford CT Town Demographics

2008 Population: 64,691 (5 yr Outlook Stable)

Total # of Households: 24,604

Median Household income: $77,367

Median Age: 42

Age Distribution: 
Ages 0-4: 6%
Ages 5-17: 14%
Ages 18-24: 11%
Ages 25-49: 30%
Ages 50-64: 19%
Ages 65 and up: 18%


West Hartford CT School System

West Hartford has two public high schools, 11 elementary schools and 3 middle schools. In addition West Hartford has 4 Private Catholic Schools.


Private Schools:

Saint Thomas the Apostle Elementary School 
Saint Timothy Middle School 
Northwest Catholic High School 
Saint Brigid Elementary School


Elementary Schools:

Aiken School
212 King Philip Dr., West Hartford CT 06117 
(860) 233-6994

Braeburn School 
45 Braeburn Rd., West Hartford CT 06107 
(860) 561-2200

Bugbee School 
1943 Asylum Ave., West Hartford CT 06117 
(860) 233-1234

Charter Oak Academy 
425 Oakwood Ave., West Hartford CT 06110 
(860) 233-8506

Duffy School 
95 Westminster Dr., West Hartford CT 06107 
(860) 521-0110

Morley School 
77 Bretton Rd., West Hartford CT 06119 
(860) 233-8535

Norfeldt School 
35 Barksdale Rd., West Hartford CT 06117 
(860) 233-4421

Smith School
64 St. James St., West Hartford CT 06119 
(860) 236-3315

Webster Hill School 
125 Webster Hill Blvd., West Hartford CT 06107 
(860) 521-0320

Whiting Lane School 
47 Whiting Lane, West Hartford CT 06119 
(860) 233-8541

Wolcott School
71 Wolcott Rd., West Hartford CT 06110 
(860) 561-2300


Middle Schools

Bristow Middle School 
34 Highland St., West Hartford CT 06119 
(860) 231-2100

King Philip Middle School 
100 King Philip Dr., West Hartford CT 06117 
(860) 233-8236

Sedgwick Middle School 
128 Sedgwick Rd., West Hartford CT 06107 
(860) 570-6501


High Schools

Conard High School 
110 Beechwood Rd., West Hartford CT 06107 
(860) 231-5000

Hall High School 
975 North Main St., West Hartford CT 06117 
(860) 232-4561